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Live Talks

As public speaker  and workshop facilitator  contribute to a wide banch of conferences and Meetups. You are welcome with your requests for your conference or meetup.

Public Talks and Workshops

Are your feedback loops tight enough  Aarhus
 DevOps Days Denmark 2022 Video
Defining Products by Example  Online 29.10.2021  Agile Tour Brussles Full Talk
Software Architecture Kata Lübeck 06.02.2020 Agile Tour Brussles Video
ATDD Bowling London 20.02.2020 PHP Conference UK  
GIT Katas Nürnberg
9. 2020
SoCraTes Day Franken  
The Clash Between Devops and Quality Assurance Stockholm Sweden
DevOps Days Stockholm (09/2019) Review
Full Talk
Ignite Karaoke Copenhagen
DevOps Days Copenhagen (04/2019)  
Clean Code Principles Nürnberg Datev eG (2/2017)  
Software Architecture Kata Nürnberg Datev Software Craftmanship Community (2017)  
Software Architecture Kata Public Workshop Softwerkskammer Hamburg (06/2014) Review
Code and Coffe Public Workshop Softwerkskammer Hamburg (2013-2014)  
BDD with Angular.js and Protractor Workshop Public Workshop Angular Meetup Hamburg (01/2015)  
Lean App Development with Ionic   Angular Meetup Hamburg (04/2017)  
Whitebox Testing for PHP Public Talk PHP Usergroup Hamburg (5/2014 )  
“Rave The 90s” Lean Startup for Music Events Public Talk Lean Startup UserGroup HH (04/2014)