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Online Video Training

My Videotrainings are a very good opportunity to extend your skills ar at your own pace, your own needs and at an affordable price. As a hybrid solution these videotrainings are combinable with personal coaching sessions. My Videotrainings focus on Agile Software Development, Software Testing and Programming technique such as TDD, BDD or OOP. They always come as a combination of solid theoretical knowledge together with  If you prefere a live or onsite session you are always welcome to set a individual coaching query 

Online Courses Agile Software Development

Agile Product Development

Learn all about Agile and Scrum and how to use it to develop your products. These course come´s with complete scrum knowledge and is the ideal learning for all product owners and other participants in agile projects. The training has been recorded in the beautiful of locations accross of skandinavia. 

Test Driven Development with PHPUnit

How to unit test your code and develop it the test driven way. Using the test first principle and Red Green Refactor pattern and PHP´s unit testing framework PHPUnit.

More trainings available in German Language